There are many opportunities out there today from which to choose. Here at GBG, there's no hype, no gimmicks, and no gotchas - just honest people working together to create a better life for everyone.

If you have not done so, take the next 4-minutes and watch the Message from the Founder to find out why GBG is totally different than every other network marketing company out there. Find out why so many people everywhere are realizing GBG is the answer they've been looking for!

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    The Top 10 Reasons Why GBG is Different
    By: A. L. - 25 year Network Marketing Professional

  • Free Sign Up!
    Unlike most companies that charge a sign up fee, GBG gives you a FREE Corporate Marketing Site and an Unlimited Income Earning Opportunity simply for buying any ONE product monthly. Just by becoming a customer – for as little as $39.97, you’re in business for yourself – but not by yourself!
  • Low Monthly Qualifier!
    Unlike most other companies that require you to spend over $100 or $150.00 and more every month just to be able to receive any income from your team, GBG allows everyone in any position or rank to earn the full amount available to them by just purchasing any one product per month at $39.97 or more. That means that even the #1 earner in GBG will never have to buy more than one product per month in order to qualify for their income. GBG Founder, Stuart Finger, believes that although you may have to sell more to earn more, you shouldn’t have to buy more! In other words, why should the amount you have to buy every month go up in order for the amount you want to earn to go up? It just doesn’t make sense. Some companies require you to have 2, 3, 4 or more customers before you get paid. With GBG you get paid from your very first person and every single one there after. Because the low monthly qualifications at GBG are so reasonable, naturally, the retention rate of our distributors is extremely high.
  • Self Balancing “2x2” Matrix!
    Unlike most other companies that offer a unilevel pay plan, or a stair-step breakaway, or a binary, or even a standard forced matrix, GBG has “changed the game” with its revolutionary Regenerating Matrix. With everyone only able to have two Matrix positions on their first level, true spillover is created every time anyone enrolls a third (or more) customer or distributor. This causes maximum teamwork pay outs to happen automatically, where the strong help the weak.
  • 30 levels of Pay!
    Unlike most other companies that usually pay only seven or eight or maybe up to 10 levels of pay, GBG pays you for up to 30 levels of sales! As your team grows, so do your checks; and your potential pay won’t run away from you like it does in so many other pay plans. There is tremendous volume and money to be made on these deeper levels, especially because of compression which causes the pay to always roll up to the next qualified distributor.
  • The Power of Pay Points!
    Unlike most other companies where you can only get paid once from any sale in your organization, GBG has invented and Copyrighted Pay Points that allow you to get paid two, three, four or five times and even more on your downline sales! Every time you enroll a new customer and/or distributor from your third one on, you receive a Pay Point right above that new person in your existing matrix. Every new Pay Point comes with its own whole 30 level matrix! So everyone you enroll will always be on the first level of a new 30 level matrix that you get paid from. For example, if you have 10 Pay Points, you can be getting paid from 300 levels.
    You never have to pay for Pay Points and you don’t have to re-qualify them. They’re simply additional income receiving positions that you earn by enrolling customers and distributors into GBG! And as your Pay Points stack underneath each other, you get paid multiple times on each sale! See the Magic of Pay Points Document to fully understand how powerful Pay Points are. No other Network Marketing Company has Pay Points. GBG Founder and CEO Stuart Finger invented them and had them copyrighted so no other company can ever duplicate them.
  • Highest Quality – Valued Priced Products!
    Unlike most other companies that overprice their products in order to pay commissions and still maintain high profit margins, GBG’s business philosophy is to maintain a low overhead and take as thin a slice of the “pie” as possible to run corporate. Then by paying as much as possible to the distributors who are growing the GBG “pie” they’ll grow a bigger “pie” than anyone has ever seen! In today’s marketplace products must be high quality, with result producing value, yet must be priced affordably for the masses. GBG’s 10-in-One Vitamin and Mineral Super Formula includes 10 life altering formulas, all in one great tasting, chewable tablet for only $39.97. Most importantly, GBG products are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients available. GBG understands that in order to have a long-term viable business, the products have to be first class and make a real difference in the health of our customers. The ingredients used in all GBG formulations are the most potent, highest quality ingredients available and all GBG products are manufactured in the USA under the strictest quality control regulations.
  • Weekly and Monthly Checks!
    Unlike most other companies that only pay monthly, GBG pays Monthly AND Weekly! Fast Start and Continuing Enroller Bonuses and Platinum Promotion Pay (PPP) are paid Weekly, while Product Matrix Pay is paid Monthly. That’s five times a month you can get paid! Even twice in the same Week!
  • No Gimmicks, No Gotchas!
    Unlike most other companies that use minimal percentage ratios of group volume points, personal volume points & commissionable volume points as gimmicks, never having them equal the full dollar amount being spent, GBG pays out in dollars, not points! This means you can easily know what your income is!
  • GBG’s Owners are Network Marketers!
    Unlike most other companies where the owners take their pay in corporate profits, GBG’s owners are distributors that get paid equally and fairly just like everyone else. This means that if they want a raise, we all get raises – and if they were to do anything to take money away from the pay plan, it would reduce their pay as well. There’s no such thing as a Corporate “us” and or vs. “them” mentality with GBG. For the first time ever, we are truly all on ONE GBG TEAM!
  • Total Transparency!
    Unlike most other companies, the owners at GBG keep no secrets from their field leaders. Because they themselves are active distributors they understand the importance of relationships and leadership in regards to building long-term success. At GBG you are treated by the owners as true partners in business and valued for your experience and work-ethics. Stuart and Michael will never take you for granted because they truly understand without the dedication of their leaders... they would have no business.