What is a Pay Point?

It is a brand new concept in network marketing!

Every time you sponsor a new person into GBG (after your first two) you not only get paid a Fast Start bonus, you also receive a new position in your matrix right above the new person that you just sponsored. And your new position, or Pay Point, is at the top of its own matrix, within your original matrix.

This means that everyone you sponsor is always on your first level for your new Pay Point, no matter what level they fall on in your original matrix. It also means that you never have your income capped because every new person you sponsor, from your 3rd on, starts a whole new matrix for you. You actually get paid 2,3,4 times or more on the same sales as your Pay Points continue to stack underneath each other.

The best part is that whatever your original position is qualified for; 10 levels, 15 levels, or even 30 levels, every one of your pay points are also automatically qualified for the same pay.

  • You don't pay for them.
  • You don't have to buy any additional product for them.
  • You don't have to sponsor more people or qualify them in any way.

Your Pay Points are like income earning "clones" of your original position and they can make you very, very wealthy. Since Pay Points are FREE, the only question is, how many of them do you want?

Please watch the short video overview to learn more.